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Team Davis
Good Foods Garden

UC Davis Nutrition Department

About Us

Welcome to the garden! Team Davis Good Foods Garden is a program catered toward those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We create and teach nutrition curriculum to the participants so that they can apply their newly acquired knowledge to build a healthier lifestyle. 

Good Foods Garden is a collaboration between UC Davis Nutrition Department and Team Davis and provides service-learning opportunities for UC Davis nutrition students. 

Our Mission

​​The Team Davis Good Foods Garden program is a community-based service-learning internship linking UC Davis nutrition students with Team Davis participants. The internship aims to provide students with the opportunity to present hands-on nutrition education to Team Davis participants with developmental, intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Through the development and delivery of educational materials and lessons in various subject areas, including nutrition, health, food safety, culinary skills, and gardening/agriculture, the program promotes positive health behavior changes.

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About Team Davis

Team Davis is a non-profit organization established to help enrich the lives of children and adults with developmental, intellectual and/or physical disabilities living in or close to Davis, California. Team Davis is almost entirely run by volunteers.


They sponsor athletic, social, recreational and educational activities that help build physical skills, a sense of camaraderie, and a more fully integrated connection with the Davis community for their participants and their families and support staff.

Team Davis serves as the Special Olympics team for Davis and other Yolo County residents.

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